OrangeKloud is an Enterprise Mobile Solution Enabler with innovative solutions that meet the needs of today’s enterprises and the environments in which they operate.

As a company we are dedicated to the long term success of our customers and their deployment of our solutions. We are proud to be an Industry leader in the provision of customised, agile environmental software and mobile solution platforms.

Our enterprise mobile solution is suitable for any industry across the world. However, our domain expertise is to provide the enterprise mobile solution for Manufacturing, Project & Job Costing, Equipment Rental, Trading & Warehousing and Retail mobile solutions.

Why Choose OrangeKloud?
Domain Expertise
Domain expertise on different  enterprise mobility solution for specific industry
Rapid Deployment
Our product allows you to execute your mobility strategy within weeks
Cost Effectiveness
Realise immediate cost savings through rapid business process improvements
Increase Efficiency
Empower your employees to fulfill job functions beyond the office desk or even abroad
Customer Oriented
Provide superior customer service and user experience
Long Term Usage
Future-proof information delivery to future smart devices
Bring Your Own Device
Enable organisational Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies while allowing users to choose device/ platform
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